Voting Resources

How to Register & Vote in California

Get information about Candidates & Ballot Measures

  • has nonpartisan California candidate and ballot measure info from the League of Women Voters

  • has nonpartisan info about ballot issues and voting locations in every state

  • BallotPedia has election info, ballot guides, news and fact checking for voters

Advocate and Work for Voting Rights

  • National Voter Corps is a nonpartisan organization that mobilizes volunteers to push for voting rights and greater participation


Immigrant Rights Resources

Know the Law

  • Know Your Rights: The California Secretary of State’s site has resources to enforce your legal rights when dealing with police, ICE, DACA, discrimination or hate crimes, and more.

  • California Trust Act: This law prohibits holding inmates for ICE after they are cleared for release.

  • California Values Act: This law limits the ways in which local law enforcement agents in California can assist or participate in immigration enforcement.

Legal Resources


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